Powertalk How to Sound More Convincing in a Direct Culture and Vice Versa..

Perhaps you have sometimes felt that business partners from other parts of the world seem to ignore you as you try to argue for your idea. If you are Swedish it is likely that you will be regarded as somewhat weak and even neutral, not convincing enough, so therefore I have chosen to add this little Toolbox that can help you as you are out in the world.

If you on the other hand belong to a more Direct or Affective culture you could also learn from this toolbox since it will enable you to speak in a manner that is not condidered too rough for your Swedish business partners. Instead of using the verb ”will” it is better to use ”modals” in Sweden, ”It might be a good idea to…”.

It is also good for you to remember that Swedish people do not appreciate being interrupted and they are interested in everybody´s opinion before they make a decison. Yes, yes,  that means it may take some time to reach a decision but when it is finished it is OK. There are more things to know about Swedish people and an easy, quite funny  way to learn more is to read the small books witten by an Englishman, Colin P. Moon.
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