How to Write a Book Review

To all my students and everyone else who feel that a helping hand would be welcome when it comes to preparing and presenting a correct book review. I have prepared a few video presentations of what to think about when writing a book review which is one of the assignments required in English 5.

The good thing about videos posted on You Tube is that you can have a look at them whenever you have time and you can pause if you feel that you would like a cup of tea or coffee… or simply that you feel that the information is somewhat overwhelming so that you need some time to reflect on it in connection with your particular novel.

Later on the films will all be posted on Hermods portal but in the meantime, I have been permitted to upload them on YouTube so that you can benefit from the information directly.

Hopefully, this short series of videos will help you to overcome possible challenges while sitting alone in your chamber pondering about how to present a good book review that you can feel proud over.

Good luck!