How To Write a Book Analysis.

Quite a number of students struggle when it comes to the challenging assignment of writing a correct book analysis, (one of the assignments in Engelska 6 and Engelska 7), where a personal interpretation is to be defended. Therefore, a few videos have been prepared in order for you to be able to learn more about how to formulate a correct thesis statement, how to defend it by using quotes as evidence to support an idea that you have already introduced and explained beforehand. Then after the quote, you can elaborate and expand upon that idea, rather than just make a rushed comment about it. 

To make a good literary analysis, you need to keep plot summary limited to a couple of sentences in the introduction (in an essay of this length, 700-1200 words, you do not need any background information about the author – just stating who wrote the book is enough). Your introduction should also include a very clear, concise and easy to understand thesis statement that you can relate to throughout your essay. This thesis must be specific and focused on a particular aspect of the novel, not the whole story. Then you write a series of paragraphs exploring different arguments relating to the thesis using quotations from the text to support and expand each argument. Finally, you wrap up with a conclusion that summarises your arguments (and not the plot) and returns to the thesis you began with.

Over and over again I am contacted by students who find this task overwhelming which is a pity since there is so much freedom in being given the opportunity to interpret a novel of free choice. Therefore, I really, really wish that these films will enable you to grasp the basics of analysing literature and how to apply formal English so that you can focus on the joy of reading and analysing instead of struggling with the structure and to understand how to formulate a correct thesis statement.

The good thing about videos posted on You Tube is that you can have a look at them whenever you have time and you can pause if you feel that you would like a cup of tea or coffee… or simply that you feel that the information is somewhat overwhelming so that you need some time to reflect on it in connection with your particular novel.

Later on the films will all be posted on Hermods portal but in the meantime, I have been permitted to upload them on YouTube so that you can benefit from the information directly.

Hopefully, this short series of videos will help you to overcome possible challenges while sitting alone in your chamber pondering about how to present a good book review that you can feel proud over.

Good luck!